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2021 ~

December 2021, PU division line expansion

August 2021, Inalfa Korea Co., Ltd. New production of Sorento MQ4 SUNROOF REAR GLASS PU ENCAP

July 2021, Sejin Co., Ltd.'s new model EV6 CV QUARTER GLASS order

March 2021, PU division line expansion

December, 2020, PU division line expansion  

September 2020, Inalfa Korea Co., Ltd. Sorento MQ4 FRONT GLASS PU ENCAP production

September 2020, factory site extension and PU division established

February 2020, Sambo Platech's new item Sorento MQ4 QUARTER GLASS production

March 2018, started producing Inalfa Korea Co., Ltd.'s YP (Carnival), E2SC (Malibu) SUNROOF

May 2017, Ssangyong Motors’ new model Rexton Y400 QUARTER GLASS injection production

January 2016, Kia Motors’ new model K7 YG QUARTER GLASS injection production

September 2014, Kia Motors Sorento successor model UM QUARTER GLASS PVC molding injection production

December 2013, Hyundai/Kia automobile injection SQ certification level up (C → B)

October 2012, Kia Motors Sorento XM QUARTER GLASS PVC molding injection production

May 2012, Ssangyong Motor Side STEP double injection and assembly production

May, 2010, automobile MULTY terminal production

March 2009, Automobile DOOR SCUFF/WHEEL CAP  Produce

May 2008, Produced Automotive OUTSIDE MIRROR

October 2007, quality certification SO443IN085 (Ssangyong Motor)

May 2005, ISO certification (ISO 9001:2000/KSA 9001:2001)

March 2004, Yaya Polytech Co., Ltd. established

February 2003, acquired SQ certification for Hyundai/Kia automobile injection moulding

Since 2000, started research and development of injection moulding for automobiles and polyurethane bushings 

August 1987, Hanyang Plastics, the predecessor of Yaya Polytech, was established.

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